About Kat

I live in Toronto and enjoy a vibrant, peaceful life with my husband (Ryan) and a sweet, foxy jindo (Jiho). I like to read, cook, garden, cycle, kayak, swim and play tennis. My love language is quality time. I've travelled a lot. I enjoy meeting strangers and love spending full days alone being quiet at home. Staying connected to nature is essential and I'm very comfortable in big cities. My heritage is equally split between Northern and Southern Europe. I bounce between whimsical and practical; art and business. I consider myself an introvert but I'm often described as bubbly and bold. I'm very energetic and I love naps. It's all there and it's all true.

nature girl

beach lady

Enjoying tea at sunrise after one-hour of silent meditation in Oita Prefecture, Japan. 2017


Hanlan's Ferry


waiting for the wedding to start , Drake Hotel, 2023